The current presence of stress otherwise local toxins in order to tissues of your own periodontal ligament are recognized as the fresh etiology away from POF

Since discussed in the past, the term out-of osteopontin, a non-collagenous necessary protein with high calcium supplements binding potential, affecting tissue mineralization, is entirely missing in typical oral mucosa, particularly, in some cases away from PG there is expression from inside the stromal cells and you may extracellular matrix, favoring the theory that PG can also be adult on POF. In comparison, you will find term of osteopontin inside stromal tissues, extracellular matrix, as well as in areas of ossification in most cases of POF . It’s advocated you to definitely PG get develop to help you POF; but not, it is also possible to get POF since the number 1 medical diagnosis, towards the PG while the a perennial lesion . So it interrelation try present in this example, in which good lesion published to incisional biopsy try identified because the PG but was not addressed and you will, three years later, the brand new lesion try published to a different sort of histopathological examination, the consequence of which had been a POF, giving support to the theory which they age pathological entity.

The fresh new density solely in the gingiva, the distance of gingiva towards periodontal tendon, and occurrence out of oxitan materials about mineralized matrix assistance so it etiological theory [dos,4]. In the event showed, the individual had unsatisfying oral health, indicating one biofilm and dental care calculus was indeed part of the irritating affairs into the periodontal tendon.

POF is prevalent for the more youthful people and contains good predilection to own the feminine sex ; yet not, in this case, brand new lesion designed in an adult patient, between the last and fifth many years off life, to provide that have a weird comprehensive measurements of 5 cm. Migration off white teeth beside the POF is actually uncommon; not, it occurs in many cases , while the together with found in all of our instance.

Whilst the interrelationship among them lesions could have been in past times advertised [step three,6], pursuing the growth processes and histopathological advancement of just one lesion are uncommon no most other situation statement such as this that is known

Medical excision is the treatment of options, that have peripheral and you may deep margins, also the elimination of the etiological agent. For the gingival lesions, curettage of your fundamental cells is advised. The latest reoccurrence from activated sores of the oral cavity concerns 20% which is myself associated with the brand new downfalls throughout these maneuvers [step one,2,12]. The therapy did consisted of excision of your own lesion with sufficient margins and you will removal of all of the teeth, due to the fact patient was also diagnosed with severe chronic periodontitis. Interest obtained on classes from oral hygiene and health out-of prostheses produced after surgical treatment, alerting the individual concerning the influence of those items on the etiology of one’s lesions presented.


The you can easily evolution off an effective PG to help you a beneficial POF was observed in this instance according to research by the histopathological change you to definitely taken place, into the development of calcified situation, fibrous maturation, and reduced vascular articles of one’s initial lesion shortly after 3 years. Because of the reactive nature of these two lesions and you can biofilm and calculus because local irritants, dental health advice is as very important because needed procedures, ergo reducing the possibility of recurrence.

Considering the size and you may potential hemorrhaging, as well as the person’s health background, it absolutely was chose to carry out the excision of one’s lesion below standard anesthesia, in order to extract most of the teeth due to the standard of mobility and loss of limbs insertion, setting-out at next rehabilitation having full prosthesis.

And their systematic properties and you may preferred etiological factors, clinical differentiation amongst the lesions is hard, requiring microscopic review having a definitive analysis . Histopathologically, the latest diagnosis off POF comes with standards such as the visibility off fibrous conjunctive tissue that have changeable fibroblast, myofibroblast and collagen content, scarce to help you numerous endothelial proliferation, and you may mineralized question. Such mineralized portion are priced between 23-75% and will getting off about three designs: bones, dystrophic calcifications, otherwise cementum [eight,8]. A survey shown the existence of oxitan fabric within mineralized areas of new POF and you can a more impressive area filled because of the conjunctive muscle stroma when it comes to the fresh mineralized elements when put next with other fibro-bone lesions, as well as a high collagen density . Inside the histological conditions, POF is much more mobile and less vascular than PG . In the event demonstrated, the 2 histopathological reports differed generally as a result of the lack of vascularized posts therefore the visibility out of calcified procedure from the point accumulated after, hence contributed to the latest diagnosis off POF.